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Crawl Space Waterproofing

Water in your crawl space is a disheartening situation.  Before you call someone to waterproof your crawl space look at the following:

  • Are all gutters cleaned and properly sized (do they overflow) – gutter guards will often overflow during a heavy rain.
  • Do the downspouts extend 6-8ft away from the foundation of the house.
  • Does your ground slope away from the house (6″ in 10ft – so 10ft away from your house the ground should be 6″ lower).
  • Has excessive mulch or pine straw been added to the beds.  If so remove to allow the ground to breath.

In many cases a crawl space water issue can be solved by addressing the above issues.  In Atlanta, you will find companies trying to tell you to install an interior drain system before these other items are addressed.  If you have taken care of all these issues and you still have water we recommend you call Steve Terjung with AKME for a crawl space water solution.  He can be reached at – 404-232-5680.  Another option is Jim Briley @ 706-338-3077

Foundation Worx does not currently offer crawl space waterproofing solutions.  In many cases we can solve your water problems without you needing an interior crawl space solution.