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Butch Kirk

Hubert “Butch” Kirk is a founding partner at Foundation Worx.  Butch brings over 10 years of commercial and residential experience to the table.  For the past 10 years Butch has focused on helical and resistance underpinning as well as new construction, shoring and soil nail projects.  Butch has one of the most varied experiences in underpinning and shoring and has over 10,000 pier placements to date.  While we can’t be sure (and Butch himself wouldn’t say so) – he quite possibly is the most experienced foreman in the state of Georgia based on his expertise in both commercial and residential markets.

In his down time, Butch serves his family and the community in multiple capacities, including that of part time preacher.  He is married and has two children, Jacob and Molly.  Born and raised in Cumming, GA – a true native to our great state.