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Before calling our office we ask that you evaluate the following short list and read the article on DIY Basement Waterproofing

  1. Proper grading (Residential code is minimum of 6″ of fall in 10ft)
  2. Directing downspouts away from the home/structure (8-10ft minimum for basement houses)
  3. Maintaining and cleaning gutter systems (as well as proper sizing of gutters based on roof area)

Most water problems are resolved the 3 items mentioned above – gutters, downspouts and grading.  If you choose to go this route you will need to be patient.  Water can enter through multiple sources and it is not always clear which of these or combination of these is the issue.  We will work to spend your money wisely but it may take a few rains to verify the issue has been resolved.  In many cases you will save thousands of dollars by spending a little bit of time.

Our focus is to keep the water away from your home.  When the above 3 steps do not solve your issue or when you want full assurance that water will not enter, we can provide exterior waterproofing solutions.

In the event that budget constraints or exterior obstacles make an exterior solution impractical then we do offer a high quality interior drain system.

What We Do – How we can help you resolve your water issues:

We are a full service foundation repair and waterproofing company that offers both diagnosis and repair of water related issues.  We look for ways to solve water issues at the source, not merely address the symptom. (Example – the symptom is a leaky basement, the problem is overflowing gutters)

If you have water leaking or seeping into your basement we offer two approaches to helping you resolve your water issues:

1)  Free Estimates – We provide free estimates to fix your waterproofing or water related issue at your home.  In order for this to happen a homeowner has looked through our DIY Waterproofing Guide and made sure there are no obvious issues – we can provide solutions.  Foundation Worx is primarily an exterior waterproofing company.  Our first goal is to stop the water from entering your home from the outside.  On a block basement wall this is extremely important to understand water pressure, block wall failure and how an interior drain system works before deciding on a solution.  We see many wall failures that have an interior drain system installed.  In the case where an exterior solution is not feasible (cost, time, landscaping/obstacles) we do offer a premier interior drain system.

**NOTE: If you fail to address the DIY Waterproofing Guidelines before scheduling our appointment you default to charged service call and will be charged $200 or our Representative will cancel the appointment upon arrival.

2) Service Call/Evaluation ($200)– If you cannot find the source of your problem, or want a specialist to evaluate your home for water issues we can help.  When you schedule a service call/Evaluation we can provide diagnosis of your problem with a set of recommendations.  Often this is needed in order to determine what the solution needs to be.  Example: If downspouts and drainage may solve your issue then why pay for a full drain system.  During this evaluation we may need to cut sheetrock to find sources of water.  These evaluations can take as little as 30 minutes and as long as 2 hours depending on the issues.  At the end of our meeting we will leave a list of issues, recommendations and next steps.

**NOTE:  We can’t provide this service free of charge as it can take hours, multiple trips, and often we fix water issues without needing a waterproofing system.   Countless times a gutter, drainage issue, downspout, crack or plumbing issue result in a homeowner purchasing a unnecessary drain system.  Our belief is there are few things worse than spending money that doesn’t need to be spent.  However, when you get someone selling products and services they can only get paid if they sell something.  Even non-commissioned sales people, have to receive money for services provided if they will stay in business.  Foundation Worx will credit back any service fees if there is a problem you need repaired and we can give an estimate on (i.e. – we come out for a service call, but give an estimate – then no service fee will be charged).