A service oriented Foundation Repair Company

Residential Warranty

  • Life of the Structure (Underpinning and Tiebacks)
  • 30 Year Product Warranty (from the largest manufacturer)
  • Your Money Back


You may have noticed some of our advertising that states “Money Back Guarantee“.  It’s not a gimmick.  While we do have a Life of the Structure warranty for our underpinning and tieback lines, as well as a 30 Year Manufacturers Warranty – we  believe in our products and services so much that we stand behind them 100% – even by refunding your money.

There must be a catch?  Honestly, there is one – all we ask is that you give us ONE opportunity to come back out to your house to make any necessary adjustments.  If we do not satisfy the stability of your home after that – then we will refund your money for every pier or tieback that fails.