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Foundation Drain Problems – Foundation Worx Minute

If you have a basement taking on water, first look to find your foundation drain.  Second, see if they are free and clear.  Third, check to see if they are lower than the interior slab of your basement.  Foundation drain problems are a big reason why basements leak.

This video shows a foundation drain issue on the back of brand new home.  We were called out to this house to assess why the basement was taking on water.  As you can see in the video the foundation drain is literally 3-4″ higher than the basement slab.  This means water has to travel up before reaching daylight.  The result is water is your basement.

If you want us to come out and help solve your basement water issue we would be happy to do so.  Fill out a contact form or give us a call @ 404.662.2454.


Jonathan Maguire is the Owner and Systems Engineer for Foundation Worx, LLC. Atlanta's full service foundation repair company.

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