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Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing a basement from the outside is the way waterproofing was meant to work:

  1. Collect water on the outside of a structure and pipe away
  2. Coat and Seal the walls to prevent moisture from entering the structures envelope
  3. Maintenance free “passive” system.  It works with nature.
  4. Relieve pressure on the exterior of the house

The main difference between exterior waterproofing and interior waterproofing is

Exterior Waterproofing Keeps Water from Entering vs. Interior Waterproofing Collects the Water that has already Entered

At Foundation Worx – we concentrate on waterproofing Atlanta homes from the Exterior of a Basement.  We have a partnership to install the Tuff-N-Dri system – one of the best exterior waterproofing products manufactured by Tremco.  You won’t find a better product to install on your exterior basement.  The Tuff-N-Dri system uses a spray on Polymer-enhanced asphalt liquid-applied membrane that prevents water from entering even with up to 8ft of hydrostatic pressure.  Other methods fail at 12 inches.  A drain board is applied to the sprayed walls and foundation drain finishes off the installation.

Why do we waterproof from the Exterior of a Basement?

  • Reduces moisture entering through the block or concrete walls (water will deteriorate the walls over time).
  • Reduces humidity levels inside the home envelope
  • Maintenance Free (no sump pumps)
  • Reduces pressure on the walls (this is extremely important for block walls that can bow or fail from too much pressure).


We do NOT install interior drain systems.

We currently do not offer any consulting services to the public but concentrate on performing the waterproofing work.  If you are a contractor or referral please call our office for more information.

Our best customers are those who have discussed interior drain systems or talked to other companies and are ready to waterproof their home instead of collecting water.  Call our office – we are happy to help.