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Crawl Space Pier Repair

Do you have piers in your crawl space that need repair?

Foundation Worx has a team dedicated to helping resolve those issues.  Many of our services include:

  • Crawl Space Pier Replacement – when the support columns in your crawl space are deteriorated or leaning we can can replace these with new masonry or wooden supports.
  • Additional Pier Support – many homes have far less piers in the crawl space than what are required.  A typical spacing in 4-6ft on center.  This varies by loading, framing and of course local building codes.  If you have sagging beams around then we can add additional footings and pier supports.
  • Deteriorating Piers – If a pier has issues with deteriorating we can either rebuild/replace it or repair the pier.
  • Lifting and Leveling – need some shim work done or re-leveling of the floors?  We offer these services as well.