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Crawl Space Pier Repair

Sagging or Sinking Floors can often be resolved by installing additional support under your floor system.  When a framing system begins to sag, it is generally due to the following:

  1. Long spans of framing – These can sag or bounce over time.
  2. Piers or supports that have settled – this can happen for a number of reasons.
  3. Rotting, split or damaged wood – often high humidity, water issues and pests can do this damage.

Foundation Worx can solve problems related to the first 2 issues above.  In the event of additional crawl space support we offer an engineered post system rated at 60,000lbs.  We are confident this system is fully capable of supporting your home.  In the event of sagging floor or bounce we can install these same engineered posts on either precast footings or new reinforced concrete footings to reduce the span and take out the sag.

We do not replace rotten wood, pest infested wood or damaged wood.  We have a couple of referrals if you need them.