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Basement Wall Cracks

Water Leak in Basement Wall

Do you have cracks in your basement wall or in your concrete floor?  The old saying is “There are two types of concrete – concrete that’s cracked and concrete that’s going to crack”.  If you have the first type of concrete – don’t be alarmed just yet.  There are several key things to look for before you become concerned.

  1. Is the crack large?  If you look at the crack and think “Man, that’s really big” then it’s most likely a problem.  Unsure, think about 1/4″ or if you could fit two quarters into the crack.
  2. Is the crack getting larger or wider?  If the crack in the concrete is consistently growing then there most likely is a problem.
  3. Is water present?  If there is a seepage in the crack or moisture around the crack then this is a problem.
  4. If the crack is horizontal on either a poured wall or CMU block wall then you may have a bowing or leaning wall.  This type of crack can be a sign of inward pressure on the wall.
  5. Is one side of the crack higher/lower than the other side of the crack.  Often this is called differential settlement or differential movement.  It means the two sides of the crack are moving at different rates or in different directions.  This type of crack needs attention.

The most common crack repairs are those in poured basement walls.  These cracks often will leak during a heavy rain.  The most common repair option is to inject the crack with a polyurethane or an epoxy to stop the water flow and seal the crack.  Other methods include digging out the outside of the structure and making a repair from outside.

For cracks in flat work (concrete slabs) a repair can be as simple as sealing the crack with caulk, filling with cement or making a structural repair with epoxy.  In some cases we can stitch the floor back together by using a technique with carbon fiber to strengthen the crack repair.

Other crack could be a sign of a foundation problem and larger repairs may be required.  If you have a crack you are concerned about fill out the form on the right of the page or send us an email with photos to info@foundation-worx.com