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Water Control & Drainage

Water problems often start with poor drainage on the exterior of your home.  If you have water issues in your crawl space or basement here are some of the first places to look:

  • Downspouts that put water next to your foundation
  • Water that pools or stands in flower beds
  • Squishy areas of soil that are wet all the time

The solution to your waterproofing issues may rest in the elimination of one or more of the above.  Surface drainage improvements and downspout repairs will help reduce the overall water volume against your foundation.  These include:

  • Extending downspouts past the fill zone and away from your home
  • Installing surface drains such as box drains or atrium drains
  • Installing french drains
  • Cutting concrete and installing channel drains

If you have drainage issues or water issues take a look at your yard first before making any costly repairs inside.  We install all types of drainage systems and offer grading solutions as well.